ecomhack New York 2015

Future of
T.B.A. New York (United States)


The future of commerce is all about connecting with customers through an exceptional experience, no matter where they are. Based on a lightweight microservice architecture, modern commerce platforms make integrating new hardware, implementing breathtaking customer experiences and complex omnichannel strategies easier than ever before.
The ecomhack fosters the knowledge exchange and innovation in the commerce community by bringing together the brightest minds in the industry. It’s also an exclusive event for innovative merchants and agencies to explore the commercetools platform. From IoT to wearables to drones, the teams of up to five people work during the weekend with the latest technology on hacks related to the topic Future of Commerce. At the end of the two days, a renowned jury votes for the best, most inspiring and innovative apps and awards the development teams.
You'd like to join but short on time? Come on Sunday afternoon from 2 pm to watch the final presentations and mingle with other participants.


1. Start your project from scratch at the first day of the event (But feel free to come with a ready-made idea and get familiar with the APIs in advance).

2. Work on an idea related to the topic "Future of Commerce".

3. Include commercetools and any other APIs in your concept.

4. Team size 1 - 5 people.

5. Powerpoint-free zone: It’s your demo that’s relevant - If it’s not fully functional (yet), walk us through the code.